MIKRONS® group is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the Chemical Plant Machineries for varied industries under the brand name MIKRONS®. We, MIKRONS® are Original Equipment Manufacturer of machineries for the Paint, Ink, Chemical, Confectionery, Cosmetics, Latex, Rubber, Pharma, Food, Ferrite, and Mineral Industries since 1985. We also manufacture and supply machineries used for dry mixing, wet mixing, milling and blending applications.
Grinding to Size
The primary function of the MIKRONS® range of machinery is to disintegrate and grind the particles to the desired micron level, thus making them ideal for their application. By achieving an excellent micron consistency, these machines provide the perfect solutions to such industrial needs.
OUR products are built to last. In fact, some of OUR equipment in use today is well over 30 years old. Today, We design and manufacture numerous types of processing equipment including: mixers & blenders, Mills, Dispersers, size reducers & accessories for a wide variety of products and processing industries.
Microparticle Engineers P Ltd, Micromeritics Engineers P Ltd, Agitators & Soundars all are part of MIKRONS®, a group of affiliated manufacturing companies based in Chennai. The company is still a family-owned and managed business and strives to maintain its reputation as a leading supplier and provider of high-quality equipment and superior customer service. The companies specialize in different areas but all focus on quality workmanship and superior customer service. The companies frequently collaborate on large projects and where they can build upon each other's expertise - an essential relationship when tasked with delivering quality products on time, and at the right price.
Product Range
Our products are the outcome of an extensive research and sophisticated manufacturing technique. Each level of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored by the highly skilled and experienced professionals to ensure each of our products is innovative and at par with the international norms of quality.
We, MIKRONS® are Original Equipment Manufacturer of machineries such as Attritor, Agitator, Ball mill, Bead mill, Basket mill, Colloid mill, High speed disperser, Edge runner, Jar mill, Mixer, Low speed paddle mixer, Variable speed mixer, Paste mixer, Ribbon Blender, Pug mixer, Nauta mixer, Sand/Perl mill, Triple roll mill, Two roll mill, Planetary mixer, Slow speed mixer, High speed mixer, Twin Shaft mixer, Multi shaft mixer, Sigma kneader, Rotor-Stator mixer, Homogenizer/Emulsifier, High Shear mixer, Conical blender, V Blender, Double cone blender, Suspended mixer etc. for the Paint, Ink, Chemical, Confectionery, Cosmetics, Latex, Rubber, Pharma, Food, Ferrite, and Mineral Industries since 1985.
We believe in designing, manufacturing and marketing products that stands up to our customers demand and expectations. Our aim, therefore, is to ensure on time, correct and complete delivery to maintain and enhance the trust of our customers and our reputation as a reliable, resourceful and responsible supplier.
To provide value for money to our customers, we make sure that our products are priced economically so that it is affordable by a common man who wishes to start a new business on his own. In the pursuit of this goal, we shall deliver superior quality at competitive prices.
 We strongly believe that Quality has to be reflected in our products, our methods of operation and above all in our people. Training of people occupies a high priority in our organization so as to improve continuously. To us, Quality is paramount and is all pervading through our people.
A responsive Quality Management System, based on ISO 9001: 2000 with adequately documented procedures is the foundation to develop and maintain our technical expertise.


Manufacturing Strength : Incepted in 1985 with the objective to manufacture and supply highly reliable products, today we own 45,000-sq. ft. of premises housing adequate infrastructure in 15,000-sq. ft. of floor space, to manufacture, test and ship out high quality machines. Our company has highly trained and skilled professionals who maintain high level of production, while exercising safety and precaution. Apart from the standard range of machines, we, MIKRONS® also cater to the customize needs of a buyer and manufactures machines, tailor-made to suit his needs.
Our Expertise : Our team of highly trained personnel apply their expertise and experience to ensure quality of design. Our proficient engineers believe that our goal do not end with manufacturing and supply but also in providing excellent technical support by way of extensive technical literature and application notes to ensure that the client feels at home with the MIKRONS® machinery that he /she has opted for.
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