Diverse Industry Experience …

When you come to a EQUIPMENT manufacturer, you're looking for a new equipment which would solve the production issues like lack of capacity or lack of performance that you face with your existing equipment.. In the end, when you leave you not only need a solution for your problem, you also look forward to get something more FROM your equipment in terms of IMPROVED efficiency at LOW RUNNING COST without interrupting THE operations or adversely affecting the property, color, taste or texture of your finished product.
From performance guarantee, customer service and employee training to processing expertise and quality assurance, no other equipment manufacturer is better positioned than MIKRONS® to deliver the production solutions that meet or exceed your specifications within budget.
Broader Experience Means More Solutions.
With industry experience ranging from paint, printing ink, cosmetics, LATEX, pharmaceutical, food, rubber, chemical, mineral etc THE broad experience has led to innovative new solutions through the application of lessons learned from diverse processing challenges.
The Right Tools, Whatever The Job.
To handle those diverse processing needs, MIKRONS® has made significant improvement in the most diverse equipment base in the industry - from ribbon blenders, paddle blenders, paste mixers, powder mixers, variable speed disperser, High speed mixers, high speed disperser, twin shaft mixer, multi shaft mixer, high shear mixer, Nauta mixer, variable speed mixer, vertical screw blender, ball mill, triple and double roll mills.
Not only is our equipment diverse, but our modular processes are, as well. MIKRONS® can provide finished product just about any way you like. And we're always open to investing in new equipment to meet new or unusual challenges.
Special Features of MIKRONS® Products
  • Fast production & delivery
  • Fast turn around on custom design
  • Laboratory model available
  • Spare & replacement parts available any time
  • Free trial runs arranged for your products at our site
  • Excellent service back up
  • Reasonable pricing
The Added Value Of Our Quality Culture.
Beyond experience and equipment, a quality-driven company culture as evidenced by our commitment to ISO 9001-certification and CE certification, comprehensive training at all levels, responsive quick customer service and respectful employee relations further assures the everyday consistency of the service and products we deliver.
Happy Clientèle
With the design support and prompt post-sales service response, we have won the confidence of numerous clients in India and abroad, including same of the most reported names in the Engineering Industry.
In short, make no mistake that with MIKRONS® accountability is an essential ingredient of the package you're buying.
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