High Speed Disperser - Lab Model

High Speed Disperser - Lab Model
Product Code: High Speed Disperser - Lab Model
High Speed Disperser - Lab Model


Our line of Laboratory Disperser produces consistent repeatable dispersions through faster mixing action and improved motor performance. This high performance, high-speed unit ensures constant mixing speed regardless of product weight, viscosity or other variable. It circulates and shears dispersions and emulsions with ease, blending materials faster than other laboratory dispersers.
The Laboratory Disperser break up agglomerates, reduces particle size, overcomes surface forces and speeds up chemical reactions involving insoluble materials.It even shears off swollen, half-dissolved layers formed by gums, resins, rubber and other difficult dispersion materials.
Design Highlights
  • Runs at up to 5000 RPM to wet-out difficult products.
  • Hydraulic or manual lifting arrangement
  • Optional base-mounted container holding brackets secure vessels from
  • Non-explosion proof
  • Various impeller type to choose from

High Speed Disperser - Lab Model

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