High Shear Mixer - Lab Model

High Shear Mixer - Lab Model
Product Code: High Shear Mixer - Lab Model
High Shear Mixer - Lab Model


The High Shear Rotor / Stator Mixer features a precision high-speed rotor, which creates a vigorous pulsing action as it draws liquid into the stator inlet. Liquid is discharged at high velocity through machined slots in the stator. This results in a powerful combination of mechanical and hydraulic shear.
Certain processes such as emulsification or dispersing pigments and other solid particulate into a liquid medium require high shearing action. In many applications, Single Shaft Dispersers cannot achieve the desired results. Our High Shear is the ideal solution.
Design Highlights
  • Close tolerance rotor/stator mechanism provides an combination of both "high flow" and "high shear".
  • Large Rotor blade surface area and shearing edge for high pumping action and intensive mechanical shearing at the rotor/stator interface.
  • Large Stator shearing surface area with fine slot openings for efficient homogenizing,emulsification and particle size reduction capability.
  • Shorter mixing cycles,
  • More uniform blending,
  • faster wetting and dissolving of hard to wet powders,
  • Clumps of particles are broken apart by the hydraulic shearing forces generated as they are ejected through openings in the stator into the rest of the batch
  • Rotor Stators are particularly effective at chopping coarse particles such as rubber or flake resin
  • The stator directs the flow and confines the particles while the rotor imparts shear.

High Shear Mixer - Lab Model

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